Tips on Privacy Protection in an Apple Gadget

Managing your data security and keeping privacy in a mobile device is no simple task especially with Apple devices since iCloud broke down the wall in between iOS and OS X. Rethinking your Apple device’s security is essential here. Hence, here are some tip s that may give you ideas on controlling the flow of information in and out of your phone, laptop or tablet as well as who can access it.

Only Apps from App Store Should be Installed

Devices with the iOS platform are not able to install apps from external sources other than App Store; however, you Mac can. You can try modifying the setting which allows applications to be installed into your Mac from Mac App Store as well as apps coming from recognized developers by going to General Tab for Security and Privacy and then to System Preferences.

Examine OS X and iOS Privacy Setting

Once you install an app, review the information that the app needs to access. For the iOS, you can do this by going to Settings app and then Privacy. You can see the app there that is accessing your information such as calendar, location, photos, contacts as well as reminder and you have the power to revoke this. Only apps directly installed from App stores follow these rules.

Avoid Photo Stream Sharing With Everybody

By design, iPhoto and Aperture can access you photos. These are Apple apps that you canít see on your settings. The simplest way to know who accessed your photos is to check Photo Stream on the Photos app of iOS. Tap to edit the Photo Stream to edit. Choose the stream you would like to review and you will find who accessed your stream. You can also shut off the public site for every stream within the screen.

Locate and Erase All Lost Data

Your iCloud account can actually access your existing location using a service called Find My iPhone. You can also use this service to remotely delete every data you have on your phone if ever it gets lost or stolen.

Find My Friends App

When you turned your Find my iPhone on, you have also turned on the app Find My Friends which enables you to locate your friends and them locating you. If ever you decide to stop locating them or prevent them from locating you, simply ìHide from Followersî within the ìMeî settings of the app. You can also get rid of certain followers here within your friends list.

Use a Passcode

Your passcode can stop anyone from accessing the iOS device. This will also prevent the device from being easily wiped clean and will let you know the location of the device once it goes online. To turn the passcode feature on, go to General Settings within the Settings app of iOS. Make sure that you have turned off the Simple Pass Codes so that you can utilize a longer passcode that can be harder to guess.

Every time you are connected to the internet, everything actually becomes beyond your control including the person you are in touch with as well as the service you use. These tips are just your guides on how you can make the most of the parts that you have access to and you can manage in terms of privacy information.

These tips only outline what you can do for the pieces and parts of the equation that you do have control over when it comes to your information privacy.