Tips for Aspiring Fashion Designers

For aspiring fashion designers out there, preparing or learning how to become one is confusing and difficult. For starters, there is no formal education on how to be officially successful in this business. However, that doesn’t mean that you can simply jump in and start designing your own fashion label right away. You need to have a combination of designing, sewing, and even marketing. If you’re still not daunted by these facts, then here are some tips that will help you prepare to become a fashion designer.

Hone Your Skills

As mentioned, you need to have at least a basic understanding in making designs, sewing clothes together, and appealing to the market or forecasting trends. There is a little bit of artistry involved in fashion designing, since you need to visualize a concept and you should be able to transfer that concept onto a piece of paper. In addition, you should also be able to picture out your concept in a three-dimensional aspect since you will piece it together soon.

For sewing, you should at least be able to manage difficult fabrics in various conditions. Sure, successful fashion designers have lots of assistants that will create their work for them, but while you’re still starting at the bottom you will have to stitch together your own designs. This will also help you when you manage your fashion label, since you will already have a realistic idea about the outcome of your designs. However, developing your sewing skill isn’t easy and can’t be taught in a classroom – you need to learn through experience.

With regards to the marketing aspect, you should also be adept at researching the latest trends or the upcoming trends through media, fashion shows, and even through shopping. This skill will help you stay ahead of other designers and will also give you an edge as you appeal to the masses when you try to sell your products.

Get Schooled

It will be beneficial for you if you get a degree or diploma in something related to fashion design or in fashion designing. You will be taught practical skills required for designing or manufacturing your clothes, and you will also learn theories regarding fashion. In addition, you will also get the chance to work with professionals in the industry or with fellow students where you can get inspiration from and also create a good network.

If you don’t like the idea of going to school for 4 or 5 years, then another option is to apply for an internship. You will be trained in a realistic setting, and you’ll still be able to establish a good network. Be forewarned though, applying for an internship means that you will have to go up against fellow hopeful candidates so you have to come prepared and have a good enough portfolio with you.


When you’re still starting out on your own, you may have to start at the bottom. This means you’ll have to bring coffee, sew various types of designs, and even assist in designing. This won’t last long though, as you work your way from the bottom. Once you start working your way up, you should think which are you should specialize in. Having a wide range of skills is useful, but you would want to develop a good market for a specific demographic. For example, you might want to focus your time and effort in developing sportswear, leisure clothing, or ready-to-wear clothes.

You should keep in mind that when you specialize in a specific field in fashion design, there are advantages and disadvantages for each. This is why when you are still starting out, you should try out the different areas to get a good feel of each one and you’ll get a good idea where you can develop your skills the most and where you can use your creativity.

After you become successful in a specific area, only then should you think about branching out or experimenting. This will ensure that you don’t overstep your boundaries and risk making costly, ineffective investments.

Assess Yourself

Once you get the basics down, you should assess yourself if you’re ready for the fashion business. Sure, clothes may be your passion, but the fashion designing business isn’t limited to that only. You will have to communicate frequently with clients, fellow designers, and sponsors. Also, you’ll have to deal with managing your own business (in the future), so you should be able to understand the numbers involved in keeping a business legitimate.

When you want to check yourself if you are really willing to be a fashion designer, you have to be realistic and think about what you will be doing for the rest of your life. It may involve working very hard, dealing with stress, and dealing with being alone most of the time as you devote your time to your business. If you aren’t ready for these situations, then you should try to evaluate if you are really willing to be a fashion designer or not.

Orient Yourself to Business

Establishing a small business deals with a lot of headaches due to technicalities and financial issues. This is the reason why when you are still an assistant or even an intern you should try to observe how the business side of fashion designing works. Aside from learning the business terms and legalities, there is also the issue with marketing. A successful fashion designer will also be able to use the market to their advantage. Knowing how to advertise your products effectively and get the public’s attention will definitely help your business flourish.

Fashion Designer Employment

A lot of options exist for fashion designers when it comes to employment. Of course, if you’re working just by yourself then it will be next to impossible to immediately create your own brand and design your own clothes. Aside from saving enough money, working under a professional will also help you when you launch your own line of products since you may do so under their wing or as a partner.

For jobs, you can start in fashion houses as a start. There are entry-level positions or even internships available just to help you get inside their company. Also, you can apply as a costume designer for movie companies or theaters. At this point, you can also tap the contacts you established in the fashion industry to help you find a suitable job.

Financially Stable

If you’re aiming to build your own fashion empire, then you should be financially sound. This means that you need to understand accounting and the necessary figures when you start running your own business. If this isn’t the thing for you, then you can hire an accountant to take care of this part – just make sure that you know where your profit goes and if your business does well or not.

There are still many steps you need to undertake before you can be a successful fashion designer. What we have provided here are tips for aspiring fashion designers. These involve preparing yourself to be a part in the fashion designing industry since it entails much more than coming up with new designs or runway shows.