Resourceful Tips For Saving Money When You Have Kids

Saving money is hard, but saving money is more difficult when you have kids. Priorities change when you have children. Even with a high paying job, your expense will be doubled because of your childrenís needs. As the child grows, their needs will be more specific and varied thus expenses will be higher.

Statistics cite that a parent will spend over $1,000,000 by the time their children turn 18. This estimated amount excludes college tuition of course. There are lots of resourceful tips for saving money when you have children. It takes discipline, dedication and determination to achieve saving.

Plan Out All Your Meals For The Week

Create a meal plan which modifies your three meals for the next 7 days. That way, you can budget you expenses and can create your own improvised recipes. If you have children of school age, implement a brown bag meal for lunch. There are various choices for brown bag meals that actually cost less. You can also bring these brown bags when you go to work as well. It not only cuts the cost of buying meals outside your home, it also promotes a healthy diet for you and your family.

Shop For Great Finds In Half Price Stores And Goodwill

Half price stores provide cheap finds that can help you cut costs. Branded clothes can hurt your wallet since you get to pay more for less. Goodwill is also a store which receives donations other buyers to deduct their taxes. Some of these donations still look brand new and you may get to buy dozens of clothes at a cheaper price.

Sell Used Items

When your child has outgrown some clothes and toys, put them on sale on Craigslist or Ebay for extra income. Selling used items gets you to have extra cash and organize your home at the same time. A garage sale is also a great means of selling your used items.

Live A Disciplined Lifestyle

One of the most difficult tips to follow is to live a disciplined lifestyle that costs less. One of the main reasons why our daily expenses shoot up is the choice of eating out in fast foods and restaurants when in fact these can be substituted by home cooked meals. A $50.00 meal which serves 4 people at a fast food chain can be substituted by personally cooked meals which cost less.

Instead of spending big bucks lining at theaters, you can opt for special programs such as Netflix, which only requires you to pay a small amount per month for downloading various movies and TV series. Your daily trip to Starbucks for your morning coffee can be substituted making your own coffee through a percolator or a coffeemaker and putting it in your own mini thermos.

Avail Of Bulk Buy And Special Offers

Supermarkets and department stores offer bulk buys and clearance sales by the end of the season. You can buy three goods but will only pay for the price of one. These can cut your costs and can even allow you to save the extra money for other things.