Life and Rhythm

The pulse of life and the real need to live is a wonder to those who believe their life has lost any colour it might have had long before. The old cling to life while the young are reckless testing the life’s limits or abandoning it altogether for no apparent reason. Why are we so shocked to learn someone we knew showed their real face but that came later after a sudden death? Thing is we take many things in life for granted, people included, and we judge them by the masks they wear on a daily basis. Very few of us, usually yielding some sort of power, do not shy away from showing the true colors or aggressive behavior in some acts against people and that includes top national and local level politicians. What is usually heard is that someone has a particular problem, mostly with regulating their own expression of strong emotions and accepting constructive criticism from their supporters. While anyone is susceptible to things like hurt and contempt, and is likely to mirror that behavior in revenge, then we see what a person is capable of.

Finding a Jewel

Then again, witnessing the horrors of recent wars and conflicts easily brings the issue home; almost each of us is fully capable of inflicting pain on other fellow creatures that act like us but are worlds apart. For those worlds to meet we need some common ground and that takes some grit apart from those superficial similarities to meet halfway through for real. What is really behind that facade is hiding a terrified person scared to death of life and full of insecurities, with an ego bigger than the White House. So many people escaped into various types of drugs or numbed their fear with alcohol, while the others dreamt of a better life to live. Somehow long time sufferers cling to life as if nothing else mattered, that the only reality they know matters the most, the rhythm of life and its beauty. The awareness of what it means to be alive is enough to enliven them and ease their suffering, the ultimate victory over pain is the fact of being alive, instead of hearing nothing but echo reverberating around the empty rooms. What it means to be alive, the very fact of breathing and moving around, soaking up the sun, is that enough of the experience to move on with life. It seems like the basic survival instinct that tells us that we want one more day, live day by day, just like those maternal instincts. It is biology in full display of its power, sheer magnitude of the planet’s forces at work, but also the feeling of awe expressed by those human beings who took the blow or suffered mightily and amidst all the horrors of war and despondence replied to a flicker of light, glimmering in the greyish and bleak now. So you worked with the hope for the better future but found little once it arrived and saw you empty handed. And yet the wonder of life and its momentary nature does not stop from touching you to the deep core. It is ancient and sentient and inspiring to feel the pulsating life. Only those who gave birth are seeing this come and go? And the barren women hear the call of nature and yet cannot respond? The drama of not being able to conceive is more than biologically driven and yet it is so, we are all driven, whether we like it or not.