How to Create Your Own Style

When people think of fashion, one thing that immediately comes to mind is trends. The latest fashion trends can determine who’s in style and the unlucky few that got left behind. To an extent, that might be true, however fashion doesn’t mean you follow the latest trends blindly or without considering your own sense of style.

In fact, developing your own style is one of the main reasons why fashion exists. Having your own style makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd, gives you an identity, and also gives you that huge confidence boost when you walk into a room full of strangers. With that in mind, knowing about you first will eventually lead to discovering your own unique fashion style. Here’s what you need to remember and tips to guide you as you create your own style.

Develop a Trademark Style

A trademark is something that easily reminds people about a specific product. It can be a tag line, or something more visual. In the fashion sense, a style trademark means that you will wear something all the time. It can be something like specific clothing styles, a color scheme, or even an accessory. Just remember that a trademark style is something that should be comfortable to you, and not something you choose because other people think it looks good on you.

When we say trademark style, don’t think about small things like accessories or brands. (Having a trademark brand is a bad idea since it will break your bank and their styles might not even look good on you.) It can be the clothing theme, for instance. Wearing a long-sleeved shirt and sneakers could be one trademark without any accessories.

Know Your Color Scheme

This may seem like an out-dated tip, since women decades ago loved to associate their color scheme with the seasons. However, this still holds true for style and fashion today. Taking into consideration your hair, skin, and eye color will help you decide which colors or shades work for you and which make it worse.

Additionally, once you know which color palette works best for you, you can also try out new colors (closer to your personal color set). This is one of the reasons why people think about a color scheme, to try out new things like accessories and clothing. Knowing your color scheme is just one of the methods to open up your fashion options, and thus help you with your style.

Love Your Shape

Taking a good hard look at your body shape can also help you determine the type of clothes which will fit you or accent your body. This is because when you look at your body (in a realistic way), you will be able to know which points you can highlight and which ones need some covering up.

It can be depressing when you look at your body shape, but the important thing here is to stay positive. Remember when we said that having your own style and fashion is about confidence? Well this also applies here. Being too critical regarding your body will inadvertently destroy your confidence as well.

When you look at your body, don’t focus on the bad aspects. What you need to look for is the things you can highlight. For example, you can accept that your thighs are a bit wide, but then you should also focus on other things like your flat stomach, well-shaped shoulders, your slender neck, and so on. Knowing your assets will help you look at clothes in a different light and you’ll be able to tell at first glance if it suits you or not.

Check Your Closet

Knowing which clothes you already have will give you a good idea about the type of clothes you like and it will also help you save in the future. It will also be a good idea to make a list. If you have a lot of dresses for example, then you can steer clear from that when you do your shopping later on. You can also take note of the colors of the clothing you have right now. If it matches your color scheme, then you can go with it – if not, then you should consider keeping it or discarding it. Speaking of discarding, always remember the general rule when cleaning out your closet: if you haven’t used it or worn it for 6 months then you should throw/donate the item.

While you are checking your closet and going over your clothes, you can also try to observe the common factors among your clothes. For example, you might notice that you prefer clothes with a specific cut or fabric. This is already a good start for determining your own style and your preferences.

Read Up

Another way to gain inspiration and new ideas is to look at other people’s style. Looking at what looks good on others can help you develop and create your own style. You can watch TV or read magazines to check out the latest trends or specific styles that catch your intention.

In addition, if people usually compare you to a celebrity, then you can search that celebrity to see what style they usually wear. Remember to draw inspiration from them; don’t copy their style right away. You can instead look at the colors they use, their clothing size, and other fashion elements.

If you are bored and you want to look at other sources, you can go to a public place like a mall or at sidewalks. This will give you a lot of material for your fashion research: the crowd. You will be able to see what other people wear, and you might even see some items or styles that you like.

Ask Around

Creating your own style can be a difficult process, since you don’t know if it will work for you, or you might end up looking like the newest laughing stock. In these situations, you can easily call on another person for their honest opinion. They can be your friends or family members, just make sure that they’re biased and you should take their opinions with a grain of salt. After all, people like them will be the ones who will see you walking down the street.

Additionally, you can also visit clothing stores or fashion boutiques. You can then ask a clerk or salesperson regarding which style is good for you or if the style you are thinking about is really suitable or not. Just remember to be wary about their opinions, salespersons generally operate on a commission basis so they might not actually care about your fashion, they just want to close the sale.

When you think back on the ways on how to create your own style, it can take a lot of work and money. Not to mention the confidence you need to have when you try to pull off new styles as you try things out. Just remember that your fashion represents your personality without you having to talk about it.