Fashion Tips for Men

A lot of fashion magazines tell you that fashion for men can be cumbersome and expensive. You have to monitor the runways of fashion capitals all over the world, and then buy expensive brands just to keep up with the latest trends. However, looking good doesn’t always mean buying the latest (and expensive) clothes out there. It could simply mean using what you already have, buying inexpensive clothing, but work out the style.

Actually, getting the right style is more important than the clothes. We’ve all seen that awkward person walking down the street with mismatched clothes or clothing which was inappropriate for the season. If you want to brush up on your styling skills and overall fashion sense, here are a few tips for you.

Fit Not Tight

This is where you can make a huge impact without shelling out too much money. A lot of guys out there wear loose, baggy clothing. Aside from making you look like a slob, it also gives people the impression that you are carrying excess weight. If you want to look better, make sure that your clothes are hugging the shape of your body. However don’t overdo it and make things too tight, making movement uncomfortable.

Simplicity is Best

Having a good wardrobe is one of the main things you should go for. However, wearing them is another story. You don’t want to wear jewelry or accessories exceeding three pieces or three colors. Instead of looking clean or fashionable, you’ll come across as flashy or confused with style. Unless you’re trying out for an acting part or if you’re in a rock band, then dressing simple is the way to go. If you really want to use accessories, a trendy watch will do just fine.

Work the Casual Look

When you hear the word “casual” you might immediately think about something boring like shirts, jeans, and sneakers. That isn’t entirely wrong, though you could still step it up a notch without going over the casual genre. For example, you can wear collared shirts, shorts and loafers (if the weather permits it). The possibilities for a casual look are actually more than what you think it is.

Support Matters

In a fashion sense, some clothes “support” other clothing pieces. In this topic, your bottom and top clothes style needs to go together. For example, if you’re wearing a rugged piece of loose clothing for your top part, then it’s a good idea to wear rugged bottom clothing like jeans or something like that. It wouldn’t look appropriate if you wear a rugged top with a formal pair of pants.

Shop with a Friend

Let’s face it, men don’t like shopping around, going around different stores, and trying out different pieces of clothing before buying something. You might consider it a waste of time and even a bit embarrassing.

In the case of shopping for clothing it’s a good idea to bring a friend and take your time. Asking a salesperson’s opinion will not get their genuine answer. They are working for commission, so they don’t care if it looks good on you or not as long as you just buy it. On the other hand, if you bring along a friend with you, they can give you their honest opinion so that you won’t waste your money and end up looking like an idiot.

Dress to Impress

When you’re going to an event or simply going out with friends, it’s better to be a bit overdressed than being underdressed. Just make sure that you bear in mind the people that you’re going there with and the place. Taking risks in fashion is also a key aspect, but don’t go all out. Take risks, and then observe what works and what doesn’t until you find your own style. Also make sure you don’t dress better than someone important in a situation (like your manager or boss).

Use Details

This is one of the things that is easily underestimated by men everywhere. It’s just too troublesome to prepare and doesn’t look “normal” for some guys. However if you think about it, details like scarves, pocket squares, or ties are the last pieces of clothing to be worn and the first item to be noticed by other people. Again, you can apply the principle of simplicity and not going overboard. A simple scarf, a different knot tie, or an accessory will do the trick.

Invest in Shoes

One thing that women tend to notice easily is your shoes. You easily get plus points if own a clean, sharp, and well-maintained pair. After all, pressing and washing your clothes can be easy, however taking care of your shoes shows others that you’re a guy with a good taste. At least that’s what they think, and it doesn’t hurt to look clean or presentable either.

Avoid Logo T-Shirts

Wearing a t-shirt with a specific logo about a brand or movie might get you some looks; however it also makes you a big billboard. In addition, it doesn’t appeal to everyone out there. Instead of wearing different kinds of logos for your casual look, you can opt for a classic v-neck t-shirt or something artful instead.

Follow Your Style

It can be very tempting to buy a piece of clothing just because it’s “trending” right now. Bear in mind though that that’s just a trend. When the trend fades and you didn’t really like the style, you’re stuck with a useless piece of clothing – not to mention it was expensive when you bought it.

Stick to your own style instead or something that you’re comfortable wearing (just don’t wear one or two t-shirts alternately). It’s much better to build your own timeless and versatile wardrobe before you start experimenting or putting twists on your fashion. Not only will this help you with your fashion style, it will also save you a lot of money.

Develop Your Style

This is one of the aspects that men struggle with. It can be manageable, buying something new or trying out the new trends, but continuing to cultivate or develop your own style can be difficult. Especially since this involves investing time and money, it easily discourages a lot of guys out there. However, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that a fashion sense is one way of communicating your personality without even having to say something. A lot of fashion experts even liken its importance to your education, relationships, and career.

One thing that holds guys back is their fear of expressing themselves. It can be too much for others to go out of their comfort zone, so they stick to a single type of fashion sense all the way. Fashion tips for men are more centered towards improving what you have and also slowly discovering or nurturing your own image sense.