Embrace Life

Millions of people suffer as we speak, but we just shrug our shoulders and move on about our business, we are here and now. In terms of statistics we also tend to offer more empathy to those who are like us and not the people in faraway lands, with infrastracture in a dilapidated state, which naturally explains all the causes of misery and plight that is happening there. We are at a distance, though via the net and TV we should supposedly be closer and yet the barrier is insurmountable as we shut of any mercy or compassion that could be lurking there. Reports from true calamities show the chasm, terse short notes provide a laconic account of the number of people killed someplace far while those closer to us in terms of looks and other similaritites are treated with more attention, detail and receive more media coverage, regardless of the cause. The casualties of war are simply some miseducated and creatures that we deny those virtues ascribed to ourseselves by a large degree. It is an interesting yet saddening account of the disparity in thinking and feeling as we do not want to buy the notion that we are all equal. However, the tendency to dehumanize is present in almost everyone, perhaps with some noble exceptions.

We Are All the Same?

It is on the one hand natural, as we could not cope with the amount of injustice observed, but in fact it is a misleading observation. People’s attitude would vary, should they be in some difficult circumstances, and with trying to make the best life possible for themselves. The suffering of the others has been jokingly termed as hungry children in Africa. But when the day comes you suffer from hunger, or just attempt to feast a day or more, then it could slowly dawn on you what atrocities you have let pass. And funnily enough, even in those tragic moments, people give birth, have fun and wish for a happy day for their family and offspring, just not the way we would ever imagine them to be. With that said, you might oppose and claim we could not be more distant in terms of cultures, tribal laws and acts of cruelty against women. But how long age did the first women emancipate in the western world anyway? With no basic necessities deployed and accessed to, no drinkable water and health care, some nations will never be given a full chance to prosper, starting with the very kids. While it is true that the multi kulti approach has failed miserably, and money laundering is typical with any aid sent to to developing countries, with wars waged for financial and political causes, imagine that amidst those masses whole families perish despite their deep wish to live a different life. While immigrants are faced with stern opposition as they milk the system and a jobless status, millions would kill (too strong I know) to provide for their children and live a worthy life.