Being Proactive

You cannot learn the suffering of the other if you do not swap places. You cannot learn the depair that is driving people to take up a job you would not ever consider yourself, even shreds of your empathy, long unused cannot really make it for long. Your lack of understanding how people operate and how things are being done is pitiful at best. In that light why not take a more active approach to life? Wallowing in self pity and laying blame trips would hardly do the trick if anything. Why not take a look deep inside yourself to see what really makes you tick and start from there? That is not to say some external circumstances of another person’s life will not be sufficient and should not be, after all, our own situation is purely unique to boot, with individual energy reserves and coping mechanisms. So while some people wonder if there is anything wrong about your attitude, you focus your energy elsewhere, away from those you do not really care about. In those difficult times, with little stamina and much to lose, we are in a position when no one can help us out. Despite any efforts, you may just be stuck where you began. That means that you need to reevaluate your progress and decide what should come next.

Know Yourself

Like the back of your hand. When you turn a blind eye to what is going on deep inside of you and you are tuned to the outside world probably you could be missing on some important cues to your behavior unless someone else points them out to you. A careful examination of the patterns that you follow and your own temperamental issues and eg. clinging issues could help explain those strings of unhappy relationships and failed relations between you and your family or worse still, your very children. Parents seeking answers to their children’s misbehavior should first analyze their own approach and read a bit about psychology to see whether their own past traumas do not speak through them in their daily contacts with children. More often than not, any difficulties in conversing with people stem from inadequate support and troubled upbringing. A parent should be at their best a mature and self respecting individual with sound knowledge of their skills, abilities and weaknesses, so if you are planning a pregnancy, think hard if loving someone is good enough. How unsurprisingly most parents turn to spanking their children, attempting control over a younger creature through their self perceived elevated status of semi gods instead of being closer to the ground. Consistent discipline and patient approach should be keys to the child’s proper development, though, admittedly, a keen observation of the child’s difficulties and such should be implemented to scaffold and strengthen anything that is lacking in solidity. This way the child will learn to utilize their strengths to the maximum while mitigating the problems by compensating for them.